TyQSL Desktop

Some Functions are not possible with a normal Browser Application, because of that we developed the WSJT-X UDP Connector a while back that made it possible to log QSOs in realtime in TyQSL on Windows.

Our new launched Desktop Application removes the need to run a Connector in the background as well as a Webbrowser. It also is Cross Platform so it Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Just start TyQSL Desktop and you can enjoy Features that are not possible with the Browser without running multiple Applications.

You can Download it for free on your Dashboard for Windows, Mac, Linux and RaspberryPi.

WSJT-X Functions

Take a look at our Demonstration Video:

If you open your Logger in TyQSL Desktop it will try to connect to WSJT-X on your Computer over UDP. You should check if you have the following UDP Server settings are set in WSJT-X:

Worked Calls Marking

As soon as TyQSL Desktop got a Connection to WSJT-X it will mark all Callsigns you worked (all Logbooks) in WSJT-X so you can easily see if you received a new Callsign you didn't had a QSO with before.

Realtime Callsign Infos

TyQSL Desktop receives the Status Messages from WSJT-X and checks each dxCall in realtime. It will show you the DXCC Country in the Logger as well as Data over your last QSO with the Station when you have it in your Logbook.

Realtime QSO Logging

When you log a QSO in WSJT-X it will automatically fill the Logger Fields with the Data you entered in WSJT-X and save it. You cand isable Autosave with the Checkbox on the Logger Page if you want to Save the QSO manually.