Other Functions

There are many other usefull Functions in tyQSL including the following:


Add activities for Events that you participate, Grid activations or other Activities that are interesting for other to know to catch you on the air. Activites will be displayed on your Public Profile, if you add a grid location it will also be shown on the QSO Map.

Activity Creation under More->Activities


Groups can only be created by PRO users but Free Users can join Groups

Ever struggled to get together all QSOs of a Callsign that is used by multiple Operators like a Club Station? Then start using our Group feature and let each User directly Upload their QSOs into the Groups Logbook.

Just go to the Group Site under the More Menu, create a Group and share the Token with people you wan't to be a Member of your Group. Every Member can Log new QSOs in the Groups Logbook and see all QSOs that where logged by Members.

The upload Functions to Services like eQSL and Clublog are not avaliable at the moment to Group Logbooks. This will be added in the near Future :)

What happens when a Member leaves a Group?

When a Member leaves a Group he will still have a Logbook with the QSOs in his Account, but the connection to the attached Group Callsign will be removed. The QSOs will be no longer avaliable from the Groups Logbook, so neither the Owner nor the other Members will be able to see the QSOs after the Member left.

What happens when a Group is deleted by the Owner?

After a Group is deleted by the Owner, all QSOs will stay with the creator. The combined Logbook will not be avaliable anymore and the Logbooks of the Members will loose the Groups Callsign.