Logbook Basics

The Logbook Page shows you all QSOs of a selected Logbook, you can change the Logbook with the dropdown on the top Right. On the top Left you find the Action Buttons that allow you to add QSOs, Export them as well as Filtering the QSOs shown.

In the main Table you see the following Informations about the QSO:

  • Station Callsign and Name
  • Date and Time in UTC
  • TX/RX Band
  • Mode
  • QTH locator and Signal Report (RST)
  • QSL - Shows if there is a QSL match inside tyQSL
  • indicates if the QSO was uploaded to external Services already

The Logbook

You can go to the next Page of the QSO list by using the Pagination on the Bottom of the Site.


You can Open a Filter Dialog with a click on the Filter Action Button on the top Left. Here you can enter different Values to Filter the shown QSOs from your Logbook. This is very helpful if you search for specific QSOs in a big Logbook, the Filters will also be used when you use the Export function.

Filter QSOs

Edit a QSO

You can Edit a QSO by just clicking on the row of the QSO in the Table, see the Edit a QSO page for more Information.