WSJT-X Logging

The Logger in tyQSL offers a feature to connect to a local WSJT-X inctance and fill out the Form with all relevant Data when a QSO is logged in WSJT-X. You need to Download a small connector Tool that makes it possible for tyQSL in your Webbrowser to talk to WSJT-X on your PC, you can find it under the Management menu. After Download you just unzip the file and start the WSJTX UDP Client.exe file in the extracted Folder.

If Windows Defender alerts you that this application is unknown, just click execute anyways.

WSJTX Connector

The Window will show you at the top the last status message and QSO it got from WSJT-X as well as the connection status at the bottom left. On the bottom right are some test functions to set the color of a callsign to debug errors, you can just ignore this.

WSJT-X Settings

You need to go to the Reporting Tab under File->Settings in WSJT-X and enable the following three boxes under UDP-Server. Please check the IP and Port entered under UDP-Server as well, the default settings is needed here.

See the following Image for a correct Configured UDP-Server Setting:

WSJTX Settings

Starting Logging with WSJT-X

To get going you just have to open WSJT-X as usual and open our UDP Client Connector as well. The Connector Program should show a green Connection of WSJT-X and the Status field should be filled as well after a few seconds.

If that is all okay, just go to tyQSL and open the Logger, you should see the Button on the bottom left light up Green. Should that not be the case you can just click on the Button and try to Connect it manually. When all is working the Connector Software should also show "tyQSL Connected" in the bottom left.

As soon as WSJT-X logs a QSO, either by the autoamtic Log Option or a press of the LOG QSO Button, all Data of the QSO should be filled in to the Logger in your Browser. You only need to click save in the Logger to save your QSO as usual, after saving it sould still connected to WSJT-X and ready for the next Qso. If you have the Auto Save Option enabled the QSO will be saved automatically.